Working Through Emotional Trauma
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Working Through Emotional Trauma

I still remember my accident like it was yesterday. One minute I was driving my daughter to school and the next I was waking up in a hospital bed. It was frustrating to deal with the emotional trauma of forgetting an entire week of my life, in addition to stressing about my small child. Fortunately, we were both able to recover, but it wasn't easy walking dealing with the medical bills that accompanied the accident. I found myself struggling with things as simple as answering the phone, because I was nervous about dealing with another insurance adjuster. Fortunately, by working with a lawyer, I was able to make sense of my situation. I know that you can overcome difficult challenges too, which is why I shared my story on this website.

Working Through Emotional Trauma

Understanding The Challenges That Come Along With Accidents Involving Multiple Vehicles

Debra Hawkins

The legal process of settling a claim for a motor vehicle accident is a challenge in and of itself. When you have been involved in a multi-vehicle accident, the difficulty level can quickly soar. The reason for this is that accidents that involve multiple cars come along with their own set of challenges that vary based on the type of accident:

Phantom Accident

One of the more challenging types of accidents are phantom accidents. This is an accident that is started by the rear vehicle. In this instance, the rear driver claims that they were hit by another vehicle that caused them to slam into the cars in from of them. The only problem is that the vehicle in question is nowhere to be found.

The challenge with this type of accident is that it can significantly extend the time it takes to settle a claim. Instead of first investigating your injuries and property damage, the insurance company must first investigate the claims of the rear vehicle. This generally includes a thorough examination of their vehicle and an investigation to see if any witnesses may have seen the vehicle in question.

Insurance companies aren't in the business of paying claims that they are not responsible for and will search long and hard for the responsible party.

Chain Reaction

An example of a chain reaction would begin with three cars sitting at a red traffic light. The fourth vehicle, for one reason or another, isn't paying attention and slams into the third vehicle, pushing that vehicle forward and causing a chain reaction. Chain reactions come along with challenges because most accident victims are confused when it comes to who they should go after.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not the vehicle immediately to your rear that is responsible for your damages. Given this scenario, it would be the vehicle in the very back who is at fault for the total cost of the accident, which is the fourth vehicle. Similar to an accident involving a phantom vehicle, the investigation process can take longer, which also lengthens the time it takes to settle your case.

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident that involves multiple vehicles, your attorney is your best asset. An attorney won't just be able to help you determine what type of accident you have been involved in, but also help you successfully navigate any issues these types of accidents present.

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