Working Through Emotional Trauma
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Working Through Emotional Trauma

I still remember my accident like it was yesterday. One minute I was driving my daughter to school and the next I was waking up in a hospital bed. It was frustrating to deal with the emotional trauma of forgetting an entire week of my life, in addition to stressing about my small child. Fortunately, we were both able to recover, but it wasn't easy walking dealing with the medical bills that accompanied the accident. I found myself struggling with things as simple as answering the phone, because I was nervous about dealing with another insurance adjuster. Fortunately, by working with a lawyer, I was able to make sense of my situation. I know that you can overcome difficult challenges too, which is why I shared my story on this website.

Working Through Emotional Trauma

What Pain And Suffering Means For A Personal Injury Case

Debra Hawkins

If you've been in an accident that was not your fault, you are probably counting on the other driver's insurance company to do the right thing and compensate you for your vehicle damage and medical bills. You might notice, however, that the inconvenience, missed work and pain you have suffered as a result of the accident is not considered when it comes to most insurance claims. To get the full package of compensation that you are entitled to get, you must file a personal injury lawsuit. To learn more about how pain and suffering is handled in personal injury cases, read on.

What is Meant by Pain and Suffering?

The physical injuries you received and the resulting discomfort and inconvenience is just part of the pain and suffering equation. The accident likely had a major impact on nearly every facet of your life, and the emotional fallout could continue to affect you for a long time. If you are having trouble sleeping, your eating habits have changed, and you find yourself being irritable and moody you are likely suffering from the mental effects of the trauma caused by the accident. Your emotional effects could include the following, and more:

  • Anxiety
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Appetite changes

How to Document Pain and Suffering

Your medical records are the most important piece of evidence when it comes to proving damages in a personal injury case, so make sure that you seek care, don't miss appointments and keep your documentation. Additionally, a journal can be an invaluable tool for keeping up with both the medical and psychological aspects of our injury. Be sure to seek help from professional mental health practitioners for your emotional injuries, such as psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, licensed mental health therapists, etc.

How Pain and Suffering is Calculated

When it comes time to present you with an offer to settle, the insurance company uses several factors in determining how much in damages you have suffered. These factors are computed using a calculator and include:

  • How serious your physical injuries were (using the dollar amount of your medical expenses up to that point).
  • How long your injuries are expected to affect you.
  • The percentage of fault you may share with the other driver (if applicable).
  • Award amounts for similar cases in your local area.

To be compensated in a fair manner, make sure to get the legal expertise required for settlement negotiations, from a firm like Palmetto Injury Lawyers or another location. Contact a personal injury attorney for help in getting your life back to normal as soon as possible.